Docker useful shortcuts

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Here some useful shortcuts I found pretty useful for my daily work:

Main Commands
docker login 
Show all active containers: 
docker container ls 
Show all containers 
docker container ls -a 
Remove specific container( use -f to force remove actively running container) 
docker container rm -f 81c77 

Run a container with detach process(background) run without to run it activly 
docker container run —-publish 80:80 —-detach —name cont_name nginx 
Run tail logs 
docker containers --logs 
Run docker with env 
docker container run --publish 3306:3306 --detach --name mysql_cont --env MYSQL_RANDOM_ROOT_PASSWORD=yes mysql 

80:80 - First goes to Docker host, second to container 

To see a docker config file for specific container use: 
docker container inspect exciting_thompson 

To check performance for all active containers use: 
docker container stats 
To get access ti Docker container terminal(imulate ssh) 
docker container run -it --name proxy nginx bash 
Connect to already running container 
docker container exec -it mysql bash 
Connect to already created but currently not running: 
docker container start -ai ubuntu 

docker system prune -a 

Compose file example:
version: "3" 
#  Create a service named db. 
#   Use the Docker Image postgres. This will pull the newest release. 
    image: "postgres" 
#   Give the container the name my_postgres. You can changes to something else. 
    container_name: "my_postgres" 
#   Setup the username, password, and database name. You can changes these values. 
      - POSTGRES_USER=john 
      - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=pwd0123456789 
      - POSTGRES_DB=mydb 
#   Maps port 54320 (localhost) to port 5432 on the container. You can change the ports to fix your needs. 
      - "54320:5432" 
#   Set a volume some that database is not lost after shutting down the container. 
#   I used the name postgres-data but you can changed it to something else. 
      - ./postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data 

Creating it in docker: 
docker-compose up -d 
To run with attached 
docker-compose up 

Build an image: 
docker image build -t fatemes_app:2.0 . 
 To run a command: 
docker-compose run web rake db:create