Highlights: Playwright, GitHub Actions (GHA), Nx, Storybook, React Testing Library, Datadog, Rollbar, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL (PSQL), HTML, C#, JavaScript, React JS, Next JS, Selenium, Cypress, Capybara, ChaiJS, Mocha, Enzyme, GitHub Actions, Sidekiq, RSpec, Jest, Amazon S3 (S3), API Gateway, Amazon ECS (ECS), Amazon CloudWatch (CloudWatch), Amazon Cognito (Cognito), Auth0, Python, Flask, Django, BASH, RESTful, CSS, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, Docker, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), AWS, Semantic, System Administration, Automation, New Relic, Elasticsearch, Terraform, linter, synthetic tests, Jira, Figma, AWS X-Ray (XRay), AWS Lambda, CFR 21 p11, TestRail, Shell.


Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Organization: LinkSquares

Location: Dallas

Started: 2022-10-18 Ended: Current

● Implemented "Shifting Left" procedures and tools for a brand-new product, enabling the team to utilize fully automated CI/CD deployments (NX Monorepo, Jest, Storybook, GitHub Actions, Playwright, publishable sharable test components, Slack integration), enhancing efficiency and reducing time to market;
● Developed CI Quality Gates using GitHub Actions (GHA), NX, Playwright, Storybook, Rails, React, and AWS to ensure efficient tests, builds, and deployments, improving software quality and deployment reliability;
● Engineered a fully mocked Cypress framework for integration testing, leveraging Cypress on Rails and FactoryBot, to simulate real-world scenarios and enhance test accuracy;
● Created scalable testing frameworks using Jest and Storybook for Interactional, Visual, and Accessibility testing, supporting the "Shifting Left" initiative by allowing early detection of defects;
● Provided support to developers by authoring comprehensive unit tests, including RSpec, Jest, Storybook components, and asynchronous workers tests, fostering a culture of quality and collaboration;
● Conducted weekly workshops for the QA Team, focusing on training and knowledge sharing to elevate the team's testing capabilities and tool proficiency;
● Developed a Storybook + MSW (Mock Service Worker) framework to include Dynamic Mocking Service, Screens, and Models, facilitating isolated and efficient testing environments through CI with a test-runner;
● Led AI Models Testing for Safety, Functionality, and Performance, ensuring high standards of AI reliability and trustworthiness;
● Enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities by integrating Datadog, Rollbar, and AWS CloudWatch, enabling proactive identification and resolution of production issues, thereby improving system reliability and user experience;
● Initiated synthetic test development for critical application functionalities, employing advanced testing techniques to simulate user interactions and detect potential issues before they affect end-users.

Tools used:
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, Cypress on Rails, React on Rails, Javascript, Typescript, Cypress, Playwright, Jest, RSpec, Storybook, Docker, AWS, GHA, NX Monorepo, Docker, Auth0, Datadog, RollBar, Figma.

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Organization: Vaulthealth

Location: Atalnta

Started: 2022-01-09 Ended: Oct 2022

● Led a team of Software Development Engineers in Test, focusing on the strategic planning and execution of test automation strategies to enhance product quality and reliability across multiple web applications;
● Designed, developed, and maintained multiple testing frameworks tailored to web applications, utilizing Cypress, Pytest, Mocha, and Behave, thereby ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient testing processes;
● Authored and maintained stable automation test scripts, significantly reducing manual testing effort and improving regression testing speed and accuracy;
● Engineered CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions (GHA), AWS CodeBuild, and Harness to automate the build, test, and deployment processes, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery of software changes;
● Automated the FDA CFR 21 Part 11 validation process, adhering to government standards and ensuring compliance in healthcare software solutions;
● Developed and maintained automation APIs using Flask Blueprints, enabling efficient test automation and integration testing;
● Innovated by developing custom TestRail and AWS CodeBuild reporters for Cypress, enhancing test reporting capabilities and facilitating better test management and insights;
● Transitioned CI/CD workflows from AWS to GitHub Actions, optimizing workflow efficiency and reducing operational costs;
● Orchestrated ephemeral testing environments using Docker Compose and GitHub Actions, enabling dynamic and isolated testing environments for accurate and efficient testing outcomes;
● Implemented parallelization in Cypress tests with the use of currents, significantly reducing test execution time and facilitating faster feedback cycles.

Tools used:
Python, Javascript, Typescript, NextJS, Flask, FastAPI, Cypress, Pytest, Jest, GHA, AWS, Bash, Docker

Software Design Engineer

Organization: University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City

Started: 2020-04-09 Ended:

● Spearheaded the design and development of a Ruby on Rails-based research web application for the Utah Retinal Reading Center (UREAD), ensuring adherence to international compliance standards including CFR21 Part 11 and ICH-GCP, to facilitate secure and efficient research data management;
● Innovated by designing an automation test framework utilizing Selenium, Capybara, and RSpec, which significantly improved test coverage and efficiency, ensuring high-quality software deployment;
● Played a key role in audit preparations, proficiently managing the processing of results and facilitating effective communication with auditors, which contributed to successful audit outcomes;
● Collaborated closely with research personnel, IT engineers, and clinical staff to gather comprehensive requirements for the web application, ensuring the solution met diverse and specific user needs;
● Implemented a robust design for the automation test framework, leveraging Selenium, Capybara, and RSpec among other technologies, to ensure scalable, maintainable, and effective testing processes;

Tools used:
Ruby, Ruby on Rails 6, Capybara, Selenium, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS, CSS, HTML5, ReactJS, AJAX, DUO, SSO, Postman, API, JavaScript

Software Developer

Organization: PlanSource

Location: Salt Lake City

Started: 2019-09-14 Ended: April 9, 2020

● Led the design and development of a Ruby on Rails-based benefits administration web application, incorporating both front-end (React) and back-end (Ruby on Rails) components to deliver a comprehensive, user-friendly platform;
● Engineered a versatile Test Automation Framework, integrating RSpec, Mocha, ChainJS, Capybara, Enzyme, and Selenium to streamline testing processes, enhance code quality, and expedite the delivery of new features;
● Tasked with writing and refactoring code, ensuring high standards of software craftsmanship and maintainability across the application's lifecycle;
● Drove the entire development cycle of new features, from gathering requirements to deployment, ensuring timely and effective product enhancements in response to user needs;
● Provided crucial application support to the QA, Support, and Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) teams, facilitating seamless collaboration and swift resolution of technical issues;

Tools used:
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, ChainJS, Mocha, Enzyme, MySQL, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS, CSS, HTNL5, ReactJS, AJAX, Postman, API, JavaScript, ATDD, Agile

Software Development Engineer In Test

Organization: PlanSource

Location: Salt Lake City

Started: 2018-04-12 Ended: April 2018

● Spearheaded the development and design of a test automation framework for web applications, utilizing Selenium with Ruby, focusing on enhancing testing efficiency and coverage for critical web functionalities;
● Administered continuous integration processes for 'QA Automation' builds on Jenkins, playing a pivotal role in improving, maintaining, and monitoring test suite stability, and ensuring high reliability of automated tests;
● Engaged in collaborative efforts with QA staff, developers, architects, business analysts, and management to integrate testing frameworks seamlessly into the development lifecycle, enhancing product quality and team agility;
● Led training sessions for QA Engineers, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the test automation framework, thereby elevating the team's overall testing capabilities and efficiency.

Tools used:
Ruby, Selenium, PageObject, ActiveRecord, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS, CSS, HTML5, React, AJAX, Postman, API, JavaScript, Linux, macOS, Windows, Jenkins

Software Engineer in Test

Organization: Eccovia Solutions

Location: Salt Lake City

Started: 2017-04-07 Ended: 2018-04-10

● Pioneered the development of test automation scripts for the database-driven ClientTrack web application, adhering to various specifications and standards such as those from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, HL7, and Care Coordination, ensuring compliance and functionality within critical healthcare and social service environments;
● Utilized a diverse technology stack including Python, SQL, C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with tools such as Selenium, Visual Studio (Web/Performance/Unit testing), JIRA, Gulp, and Redgate to develop, test, and maintain XML schemas using oXygen, enhancing data interchange and system interoperability;
● Crafted SQL procedures and functions to facilitate data-driven testing, improving test accuracy and efficiency by simulating real-world data scenarios;
● Led the development and execution of performance and load testing using Splunk, New Relic, Visual Studio, JMeter, Python scripts, SQL, and PowerShell, ensuring the application's scalability and reliability under various load conditions;
● Developed, executed, and maintained API test scripts integrating with FHIR server and Mirth Connect using Python and Visual Studio, verifying API performance and functionality for seamless data exchange and system integration;
● Conducted back-end unit testing focusing on SQL to validate database integrity and transaction correctness, ensuring data consistency and application stability;
● Performed and developed GUI testing using Visual Studio, Selenium, Python, and C#, guaranteeing a user-friendly interface and a bug-free user experience;
● Authored comprehensive test plans and test cases in alignment with government standards, specifications, and requirements, ensuring thorough coverage and compliance with regulatory mandates;

Tools used:
C#, Python, Javascript, SQL, JMeter, Splunk, New Relic, Gulp, Selenium, Powershell

System Administrator

Organization: U.S. Ling Institute

Location: Salt Lake City

Started: 2015-01-01 Ended: 2017-12-1

  • Implement new software, hardware, and security policies
  • Develop eLING web application, Forum web application
  • Administration and operation stability control  of servers, workstations, Cisco routers, switch
  • Install, configure, computers, LAN, WAN, peripheral equipment and software: Microsoft Windows user stations and servers, MS Office, antivirus software, computer networking, assembly and repair of personal computers, peripheral equipment, equipment Bank POS terminals.
  • Maintain, support Windows server 2012R2, AD, O365, File server, Internal forum based on Apache server, VPN
  • Social media administrator (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, foursquare)

IT Support Engineer II

Organization: CSS Corp

Location: Salt Lake City

Started: 2016-01-01 Ended: 2017-04-1

  • Performing general support Tier 2 2000+ users
  • Developing automatization scripts
  • Maintaining and monitoring trouble tickets
  • Liaison between client-customers-vendors to resolve user issues
  • Resolving problems with computer hardware/software
  • Exchange Administration tools, Active Directory, DNS, TCP/IP, O365, Service-now, Windows Server 2008, 2012R2


MS in Engineering in computer technology
Ural Federal University - Yekaterinburg, RU


BS in Radio Technical Services in Radio Technical Services
Yekaterinburg Engineering Technical School - Yekaterinburg, RU