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Video Selling Platform Aermotion

Demo(wait for Dyno to startup) GitHub What is this webapp good for? It will sell videos or set of videos uploaded to any popular cloud services like google. 2 lvls of access - admin, user, guest. Uses PayPal as a paying platform. Have a very nice vi

Added: about 1 month ago.

Bungie API Inventory

This is a project I currently working on. DUE TO HUGE COST FOR GOOGLE APP ENGINE I HAD TO DISABLE API MANIFEST! Will need to think how to transfer it from SQLite to MySQL or Postgress Links: DEMO Wait for it a bit longer - free Dyno needs some time

Added: 4 months ago.

Unity Game Engine

I've been always dreaming about creating my own games since I was a kid. Luckily it is possible nowadays and Unity engine will help me to accomplish my dream :D.  So here it is I am starting it! It will take a loot of time to learn the framework and

Added: 4 months ago.

SpaceX API Project with React

Project Link This is an Unofficial SpaceX Open Source REST API for rocket, core, capsule, pad, and launch data. This public API does not require authentication and includes endpoints for; Launches, Rockets, Capsules, Company Info, Roadster Info and

Added: 5 months ago.

Spot Weld Hub Web Application

This Web Application was built for my friend Dr. Hassan(Mechanical Engineering) to automate his calculations, email result when finished and keep history records. The app has front UI for guests and admins, can run Async jobs with Sidekiq and using g

Added: 5 months ago.

RaspberryPi with Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest Thermostat. It is very cool smart thermostat made by Google. When I purchased it I didn't know it actually has API built for it as pretty much everything made by google :). So I loved the device but there was something I really wanted to add to

Added: 5 months ago.

My Portfolio Project

Currently this is my main project I am working on. So far having a lot of fun with it. It runs on Rails 6 and ruby 2.5.0. Authentication/Authorization done with Devise. The app has only 1 admin user which is owner of the portfolio itself. Blogs secti

Added: 5 months ago.