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Well looks like everything has its end :)
I am still using my Heroku-18 Stack which is super expired :0

I've been contemplating the idea of moving my portfolio app to a new hosting platform, one that doesn't require a middleware stack to keep things running smoothly. My app has been comfortably hosted on Heroku, but it's been on the older Heroku-18 stack, which is about as fashionable as a retro Rubik's Cube. Sticking with Heroku means I'll need to update my Ruby project.

Updating the Ruby project is akin to redecorating your room after years of using the same old furniture. Change is good, right? Plus, it's an opportunity to embrace the latest and greatest in the Ruby world.

Then there's AWS. The possibilities are endless, but I'm wondering if my wallet can handle it. They say moving to AWS can be a bit like renting a penthouse – amazing, but it comes with a price tag. So, I'm left pondering if it's worth the splurge.