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I've started collecting my favorites collection long time ago. Currently I have around 20-30 folders in my fav-nav bar which i constantly use when I need to refresh my memory in any regards of software development or automation.
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I want to share some very valuable links I've collected through the years. One thing to keep in mind - mostly I use ruby for programming and Minitest framework for automation so there will be a lot of ruby goodies.

Software Automation:
Selenium GitHub -
Cheezy Page Object  -
Best Xpath Tutorial -
Regex Editor -
Ruby Doc Selenium -
Ruby Doc Page Object -
Data Faker -

Ruby and Ruby on Rails Programming:
Ruby Style Guide -
Ruby Warrior -
The Odin Project -
Ruby Docs -
Good Blocks Explanation -
Models and .self in Ruby -
Rails API -
Ruby on Rails docs -
Go Rails Tutorials -
For volunteering check Ruby for Good -

GIT Branching -

I will be updating this post to keep it up to date.