House Hold Stock Manager

I resumed my House Holde app improvements as I noticed that I actually use it a lot for my household budgeting. I already added a small update before(assets manager) and it inspired me to move forward with Stock Manager.

Stock Manager will be a major update to HH project with some main features:
- Stock and Crypto Positions to track how many shares or cryptos I have invested to;
- Dividends;
- Stock Company Information;
- Crypto Information;
- Historical prices;
- Positions with gain and losses;
- Total statistics;
- Stock/Crypto market suggestions;
- Stock/Crypto Dashboards;
- Overall UI improvements;

Technical Imporvements:
- Docker Compose file for Local Development;
- Rails Version Update;
- React Version Update;
- Bootstrap Version Update;
- New scheduler with Sidekiq for Stock info API jobs